Despite their relative youth, dogs as early as one year old can start to show signs of Osteoarthritis or OA for short. OA is recognizable and treatable. You can help restore your patients inner puppy spirit by being proactive.  

GLYDE is a new innovation for the management of OA. Hear Lauren's story to see how her precious pup responded.

Good for your clinic, good for your patients

Support youthful mobility with Glyde

If a dog is at risk for OA, there's a revolutionary treatment called Glyde Mobility Chews. Together with healthy lifestyle changes, Glyde promotes joint health and cartilage development.

Glyde™ is the only natural, gluten-free treatment with three proven ingredients that support normal joint health and function.

  • Green Lipped Mussel - one of nature's best source of
    Omega-3 fatty acids recognized to decrease inflammation 

  • Glucosamine - increases protective joint fluid 
  • Chondrotin - helps rebuild cartilage

Good for patients, good for your clinic. Join the movement! Fill in your details and a company representative will call. 

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